Door hinge installation
2019-11-30 09:19:47

The door hinge has a very prominent feature, that is, it can freely open the door at different angles, except for the common 90 degrees, other angles are not the same. As long as the installation conditions of the door hinge can be evenly matched, these situations can be solved, so when we choose the installation position of the door hinge, they are relatively loose. Although the small door hinge is inconspicuous, it carries the entire life and cannot be underestimated. Next, I will briefly introduce the installation knowledge related to door hinges.

When judging the door hinge installation position, the first thing we need to determine is the door opening direction, and then determine the installation method. Because of the correct installation, not only can the door look beautiful, but it can also extend the life of the door. Wooden door as a modern interior decoration material, can not only play a decorative effect, more importantly, it can also create a comfortable and private space, because the quality of the door during use is not only the quality of the door itself Besides, it also depends on the installation method. So we must pay attention to the details.

The position of the door hinge installation must be adjusted according to the position of the lock. Observe the size of the keyhole from the ground level. Generally, we choose a range of 900mm--1000mm. After the lock is installed, check whether the door lock, door leaf, and switch are flexible, and do not cause looseness. This is very heavy. If you don't adjust the position of the lock and the door properly, it will cause inconvenience when you open the door in the future.

When installing the door hinge, please also pay attention to that when designing the slotted leaves, the position of the door leaf should be determined according to the position of the door hinge on the side. During the operation, pay attention to the paint and door cover protection. And ensure that the position of the door and frame should be in accordance with the installation requirements. In short, when determining the installation position of the door hinge, determine the position first, and pay attention to the details of the installation position.